Considering his impressive intellect and sharp mind, it might surprise you to hear that J.I.D once got kicked out of school for "being high as fuck and doing some dumb shit." His words, as told on his extensive new interview with Adam 22 of No Jumper. It's interesting to hear him looking back on his come-up, and really serves to put his current maturity into perspective. After all, the Dreamville talent recently stole the show in XXL's 2018 Freshman Class, landing what may very well be his biggest look to date. 

"If you somebody that want to do music," says J.I.D, speaking on the Freshman List (24 minute mark), "that's something that you always want on. I don't give a fuck who it is. Unless you came out and did some Cardi B type shit and just get lit off jump." Continuing along the topic of the cypher, he proceeds to shout out Ski Mask, who he dubs "talented as fuck." However, he's not ready to single out Ski Mask, elaborating that "everybody there was cool as fuck."

While there's plenty of material to comb through, J.I.D. confirms that his next project, DiCaprio 2, is "almost done." While he remains a little tight-lipped on the direction, he confirms it will feature "some fun shit, like a movie. The Never Story was just that - that shit was a story. This shit is like a fuckin movie, but you ever see like Tales From The Crypt? It's like a clusterfuck of different stories." 

Despite the fact that it's probably only dropping in "late fall," I for one am looking forward to hearing what J.I.D. has to say. Lord knows he'll be around for a minute, and he's only getting started.