J.I.D. stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, and he brought BJ the Chicago Kid along with him. Together, the two artists delivered a spirited performance of "Skrawberries," a stand-out track off DiCaprio 2. As the performance begins, J.I.D shows love and respect for Mac Miller, who along with J. Cole and Masego is credited with producing the track. Mac is listed as an associated performer on the song, for curating the single's placement on the album. Masego helped with keyboard work. J.I.D jumps into the performance from there.

The Dreamville lyricist performs in front of a screen that displays a visual that appears to be underwater. The underwater vibe can be a nod to Mac Miller's Swimming, but J.I.D undoubtedly layered several reasons behind using the mood setting prop. He and BJ the Chicago Kid are doused in a blue aura from the screen as they lay down "Skrawberries." 

J.I.D. told Billboard how Mac influenced the arrangement of the song. "He touched on like five or six songs on the project, you know what I'm saying? Before he passed," he revealed. "Like "Scrawberry," he's the reason that shit sound like that. Produced by [J.] Cole, Masego played on it, Ron Gilmore and Elite played on it, BJ Chicago kid sang and Mac Miller arranged it."