Jhené Aiko Drops Off Scenic, Meditative Version Of "Never Call Me"

Mitch Findlay
March 20, 2018 17:01

Jhené Aiko drops off another take on "Never Call Me."

Two is better than one. Clearly, Jhené Aiko respects the power of the idiom, as she has officially dropped off two videos for her new Trip single. While the "Hood Edition" finds Aiko navigating South Central L.A with the likes of Kurupt, Hit-Boy, Nipsey Hussle, Mila J, and more, this alternate version is a different look altogether. It would appear she's paying homage to her Japanese roots in this variation, taking to an idyllic water garden while decked out in some Geisha inspired attire. It's a little more thematically abstract than the "Hood Edition," and Kurupt's feature is cut from this version, but it remains a visually stimulating watch throughout. 

If the conceptual nature of Trip wasn't proof enough, it's clear from these dual clips that Aiko is a highly creative, multifaceted artist. It's cool to see her branching out, and providing two videos for the same single highlights solidify the fact that there are indeed levels to this shit.

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