Sunday, January 26th was a hard-hitting day for people around the globe. Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were two of nine lives lost when a helicopter crashed and went up in flames in Calabasas. Fans, friends, family members and anyone who's been inspired by Kobe's determination and work ethic on and off the court mourned the sudden loss of his presence and sent prayers to his wife Vanessa and his survived children during this hard time. 

Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson has become yet another act who's shared sweet words following this heartbreaking tragedy. The singer posted an image of her view from her home in the Los Angeles hills that sees the clouds parting to let the sunshine through. The image was taken on the day of the crash and Jessica detailed in her caption how she "felt the loss" since she saw the emergency helicopters flying over her home to attend to the scene. "I felt the power in the sky of the heavens parting to make room for the greatest of angels to rise," she wrote.

"My heart is completely broken for all the families and loved ones left behind trying to make sense of things in this tragic moment. Vanessa, you are the woman and wife that championed your husband to greatness. My prayers are constant for everyone affected by this impactful loss."