Hot 97's Miss Info has been breaking stories left and right at her BET Awards press table. Yesterday, she managed to get Meek Mill to spill the beans on a track from his thus-far-secretive upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, and now she's gotten Jermaine Dupri to Chris Brown some of the highest praise possible: a comparison to 2Pac.

Info asked Dupri about Brown, who's set to perform for the first time since being released from jail tonight, and Dupri had nothing but good things to say about the troubled singer:

“He’s a star, though. I told people when he came out of jail, he’s going to be Tupac. He’s an R&B singer and a singer’s music is supposed to go farther than rap. And, it stretches over different boundaries. To me, he’s going to be more famous than Tupac. I mean, he’s a star, and I can’t front on it.”

Other than Info seeming shocked about his statement, Dupri and her didn't really discuss the comparison further, but Dupri backed up his praise of Brown with some defense of the star's actions, saying that he's "too young" to be judged for them yet. Info didn't seem convinced, but Dupri told her to just reserve her judgement until Brown's performance tonight.

Watch the full interview below.