Though Meek Mill has said repeatedly that his album Dreams Worth More Than Money will be dropping this summer, we still don't have many details on the album, other than its lead single, some brief previews and a clue about a Nas/Jay Z collabo. Leave it to Hot 97's Miss Info to extract some more hints from Meek, who met up with the radio host while in L.A. for the BET awards and spoke on his upcoming release.

The juiciest bit of news we got from this interview was news of another DWMTM track boasting two high-profile guests. "B-Boy" will feature ASAP Ferg and Big Sean (and possibly an outro composed by Pharrell), and its video is being shot on Monday, said Meek. "There ain't even no hook on it," he said. "And it's Ferg sounding like you never heard Ferg sound. Every time people hear it they're like, 'Who is this right here?'"

With Info asking why we haven't seen more promo for DWMTM in the months before it drops, Meek said he didn't want to deal with an orthodox, months-long rollout strategy for this one, revealing that he's "just gonna promo it for a month and then come wit it." Meek seemed hesitant to leak more info, but said the biggest change from his last release is his shift of focus from making money to feed his family to being an artist first and foremost.

Watch both parts of the interview below, but beware, the audio is patchy and only works in the right speaker.