Jeremy O. Harris is the man behind Broadway's Slave Play, a crafted piece of work that touches on race, sexuality and identity. "The play focuses on three seemingly woke but messy interracial couples who are trying to reignite their flame of desire through a form of therapy that forces them to play out their innermost fears and fantasies in Antebellum America," Interview Mag perfectly writes. Rihanna's popular single "Work" is a staple to the play and played a huge inspiration in Jeremy's work which is why the singer was present at the debut.  

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

While the showcase has been beloved by many, Page Six reports that one attendee accused Jeremy of being “racist against white people" after the performance. “A woman took offense to the ‘You are a virus’ line in the show," a source told the publication of what went down during a Q&A session. "During the last few minutes of the talk-back proceeded to yell that she was offended, the play was racist toward white people, and she felt marginalized as a white person.”

Apparently Jeremy tried to calm the woman down and responded with: "These are eight specific people onstage and aren’t meant to reflect all people."