After being engaged for nearly eight years, Jennifer Hudson and fiancé David Otunga called it quits on their relationship back in 2017. Since that time, the two have gone toe-to-toe in the courts, facing off over custody or finances. The legal battles continue as Hudson is doing her best to not have to pay Otunga spousal support or provide money to pay for his housing.

According to court documents obtained by The BlastOtunga says that during their relationship, he was the primary caregiver to their son. Hudson says that this claim is false because he spent much of his time on tour wrestling with the WWE. The document also accuses Otunga of pursuing “a career path identical to Jennifer’s evidenced by his promoting himself for his role in ‘Madea’s Family Funeral.'" She hopes that because of this, a court will see that she's not an unfit parent because of her entertainment career.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

"To accept David’s proposition that because he is present, he is a better parent would be to do a disservice to working parents in general and to Jennifer in particular," says the document. There is also an issue with having to be responsible for paying for Otunga's housing, saying that if he had a consistent job he would be able to afford it himself. “Nothing entitles David to live in a home identical to Jennifer’s.”

She also “denies that the child support should extend to housing subsidies for David when the parties were never married" and "having a child with a celebrity should not be the basis to treat David like someone who has given birth to a child and who has no means of supporting the child. Jennifer is the one who gave birth to the minor child, who had the minor child with her as she traveled prior to the difficulties the parties experienced in their relationship.”

The former couple were reportedly supposed to go to court this month but delayed the hearing in an effort to reach a settlement instead. The new hearing is set for next month. When the two split back in 2017, Hudson received an order of protection against David, accusing him of pushing her while she was holding their son. Otunga denied that he ever put his hands on the singer.