ESPN's Jemele Hill was recently named the 2018 Journalist of the year by the National Association of Black Journalists, an annual award that recognizes "a Black journalist who has amassed a distinguished body of work with extraordinary depth, scope and significance to the people of the African Diaspora.”

Naturally, the "Fox & Friends" morning show questioned the merits of Hill's award, including Fox guest Lawrence Jones, the editor-in-chief of, who used the phrase "unemployed" three times while criticizing the NABJ's Journalist of the Year selection.

“The bottom line is that she’s unemployed from hosting her own TV show,” Jones said, adding, “There is no Jemele anymore.”

Although Hill no longer co-hosts ESPN's SportsCenter, she is still very much employed by the company. However, nobody corrected Jones during his segment on "Fox & Friends." Hours later, the morning show sent out a tweet with a correction stating that Hill still works for ESPN, but they have not spoken about the mishap on the air.

According to NBC, NABJ president, Sarah Glover, said it does not need to dignify disparaging remarks made on the show. "But we do need to set the record straight: Ms. Hill is not only employed but thriving and advancing in her career in life."