Today, Jeezy was asked, "who is the hottest Kardashian?" The Atlanta rapper had most likely already thought about the ranking because his answer shot out of his mouth almost immediately.

"Definitely Kourtney, man. Tell her to holla at me[...]I heard she's single."

When he is asked if he's sure she's the hottest sibling, Jezzy doesn't miss a single beat. He also isn't worried about any competition.

"Tell her to get at me[...]I aint worried about no Scott. He better be worried about me though."

Then, when the subject of his whip comes up, Jezzy states that we ain't seen nothing yet. He says his Saturday car is even more fly than today's ride.

Kourtney Kardashian has been looking pretty fine lately. The 39-year-old makes aging gracefully look easy. She recently posted a picture of herself getting wet in a metallic bathing suit. Her caption hints at her glow: "sometimes i take all the shine." Who could disagree with the mother of three?

Her fanbase also seems to be of the same opinion as Jeezy. On top of that, when these Twitter users had claimed that she won the title of "hottest sister," she ditched her humble act and basked in the praise instead.