Canada has something to say. At least, Toronto does. While Jazz Cartier has largely played the absentee since the release of his slept on Hotel Paranoia album, it would appear he's plotting a triumphant return. Fans can officially rejoice in the knowledge that his upcoming album FLEUREVER is set for a 2018 release, and we'll be getting a taste of the project sooner rather than later. The rapper took to Instagram to announce the release date of his upcoming single, which will be arriving on April 6th. Three Fridays from now, we'll have a better understanding of what Jazz has been working on for the past couple years.

It bodes well that the rapper has been all smiles of late, as evidenced by his caption. "Here is a picture of me smilin cause we finna be doin a lot of that this year (I been practicin😁)," writes Cartier. "thank u 4 bearing with me 🤷🏿‍♂️ First single off FLEUREVER drops April 6th! IM EXCITED !" As they say, you can't rush art. While it took a while for Cartier's latest to come around, does the rapper not deserve the benefit of the doubt? Hopefully, FLEUREVER can continue where Hotel Paranoia left off, and further establish the rapper as a force in this game.

We don't exactly know much about the project, but we do know that Jazz was recently working with Scott Storch on some new fire. Preview that here, and stay tuned for some new music coming soon. Happy birthday Jazz!