Jay-Z's 40/40 Nightclub in New York City faced some damage on their storefront this weekend in what staff believes was an attempted break-in, TMZ reports. The club's staff called the police to report that their front door was marked up from what seems to be like someone trying to break through the door. The photos obtained by the tabloid publication showed the door have marks around the door but the police said that the door was repaired since the incident took place. The club has been under 24/7 since the incident on Friday. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

The strange thing about the whole situation is that the police haven't found any clear cut video evidence from the surveillance footage. The police are still investigating the situation but they're trying to figure out whether it was an actual break-in or not. Regardless of the security cameras, the staff still stands by their belief that it was a break-in. 

However, the surveillance cameras showed two guys hanging out in front of the building on Friday afternoon and one of them approaches the door, the staff said. But the alarm didn't go off and there's nothing that suggests either one of the men was trying to break in. The two men were also spotted around the club throughout the week with suspicious cars riding around at the same time. The staff feels like they could've have been staking the place out. The men aren't being considered suspects at this point based on the fact that there isn't enough evidence suggesting the two men were behind the attempted break-in.