Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt is has been canonized as one of rap's classics, and its hard to imagine it existing in any other form than we know it today. However, a tracklist unearthed by 2DopeBoyz shows an early version of the album, which includes 3 unreleased songs and a very different sequencing.

The first thing you might notice from the written-out tracklist is the singles have been loaded into the first half of the album, with "Dead Presidents," "Feelin' It," and "Ain't No Nigga" serving as the first three tracks-- certainly a different vibe to the final product.

A more interesting observation is the presence of "The Hurt," "Tell Me," and "Hot," which have never been released to this day, unless they were later reworked with different titles.

Take a look at the photo in the gallery above. Do you think Hov would still look at this as his best work if it were released in this form?