Jay Z is on his grind at the Sundance Film Festival promoting his documentary TIME: The Kalief Browder Story. While most of us recently caught the headlines of the rapper and business mogul shutting down a reporter who asked him about President Donald Trump, a lot of us missed the positive words he had about the Women's March.

While his wife Beyoncé had publically announced her support for the Women's March days before it happened, Jay has been rather quiet on the matter until now. In the same interview that ended so abruptly, Jay expressed his belief in the people and offered his thoughts on how to handle social injustice moving forward. 

We have to organize. I’ve been in these meetings, I’ve spoken with people, I’ve done many things behind the scenes, but most important: We are the power. I’m sure a lot of you guys participated in it, but that display of woman power the other day was so amazing and we saw the effect: That no matter what, no matter who’s in office, we are the people that’s in power. More than ever, the people have to come together. We have to tell these stories, and we have to organize in a way that we never have before, because that’s the only thing that effects change. I hate to sound like such a cynic. Everything is based on votes, and who you can put in office.

Whether or not you support the Women's March, Jay Z most definitely has a point here, right? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more details and Sundance Film Festival news soon.