Jay-Z and Beyonce are hip-hop's definitive power couple. Hell, they're probably the biggest power couple in entertainment, period. And while we've all be collectively rooting for The Carters, they've no doubt had their share of ups and downs. Back when Lemonade dropped, Beyonce low key put Jay on blast for some alleged infidelity, and left the internet in shambles. Fast-forward to the release of 4:44, in which Jay-Z addresses and even confirms the allegations, putting himself under the microscope in a display of unfiltered emotional vulnerability.

With two natural twins on the way, the Carter family looks to be expanding. And while the couple errs on the side of privacy, their respective music, allows us a deeper understanding into their dynamic. And while they don't always collaborate, they've linked up for their fair share of anthems, many of which revel in their real-life chemistry.

In honor of 4:44, here are the top 5 Jay-Z & Beyonce collaborations.  

Cover by Al Bello.