Well, that was quick. After dismissing the platform on a few occasions ("When I was talking Instagram, the last thing you wanted was your picture snapped"), Jay Z  finally accepted the 'Gram into his life yesterday, posting a throwback photo of himself and the late Michael Jackson to honor the iconic singer -- and just like that... he's gone.

Apparently, Hov was looking for a one-and-done type affair with Instagram because after just one photo (and day), the account is no more. It's not all that clear what he was trying to accomplish with the stunt -- maybe he just felt left out when all his friends were posting MJ pics on IG?

This isn't the first strange behavior we've seen from Jay this week, as Tidal decided to blame Apple for Drake's absence from their LiL Weezyana stream -- but according to Drake's team, it was all a publicity stunt.

We'll be keeping an eye on Hov in case this keeps up.