People have been waiting on Jay Electronica's official debut album for so long he's become the boy who cried wolf. There were a few times when Jay told fans that his project was on the way, but each time, the public was left disappointed. Now, however, all of the wheels have been set in motion and fans will receive A Written Testimony sooner than later.

After a photo of a studio session with Jay Electronica, Jay Z, and Young Guru surfaced, TIDAL posted an image stating that Jay Electronica will be holding three listening sessions. "It’s time," TIDAL tweeted. "We're giving @JayElectronica fans an exclusive first listen of his album 'A Written Testimony' with 3 intimate events in NY, LA, & New Orleans." He can't back out now.

In early February, Jay Electronica first tweeted about A Written Testimony. "Recorded over 40 days and 40 nights, starting from Dec 26," he wrote. "Releasing in 40 days." It will be the rapper's first project since 2007's Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge). Fans wanted to know if the album would be a collaborative effort with Jay Z and all Jay Electronica would say was, "Possibly. Likely."