LeBron James is a huge fan of JaVale McGee's game and his unwillingness to find open space on the court. The King had nothing but praise for the team's lone "active" center, in the moments following the Lakers' first win of the season Yesterday. "He’s so active," remarked LeBron when as about the McGee's perceived improvement as a player. "I think it starts with his defense. He moves down the floor and we are always looking for him.“

Well, JaVale McGee for one isn't buying the narrative that he's suddenly found his game after years of middling as a spare part. McGee's minutes are up from the 18 per game he's averaged over the course of his career. McGee seems to think the stigma of his asthma condition has held him back in other people's estimation, including his former coaches and teammates. After the Lakers' win on Wednesday, he sounded off.

"This is what I want to say about the asthma," McGee he told reporters. "Stop bringing that up like I'm out here wheezing and having asthma attacks. I've never had an asthma attack in my life. I feel like that's definitely lowered my value as a basketball player."

Richard Jefferson and Dennis Rodman had asthma and played heavy minutes throughout their prime years. McGee might be omitting past mistakes in order to further his cause. There was a time in McGee's career, where he was prone to score on his own basket, at any given moment, unless pulled by the hand of a teammate. Thankfully, those days are far behind him, thanks to the mentorship of Steve Kerr and his former Golden State teammates. Goon on you, Pierre.