Jarren Benton Breaks Down "Godzilla's" Destructive Bars

Mitch Findlay
August 15, 2018 14:34

Jarren Benton explains why you always need "heat for the critters"

Jarren Benton has come a long way since the battle-rap days. Coming off the drop of his Roc Nation backed Yuck Fou album, we recently sat down with the lyricist to go "Between The Lines" of "Godkilla." He reflects on how it all came to be, revealing that he originally heard the instrumental on Kato's Instagram page, "which was stupid as fuck, I thought." Benton was having none of it, telling the homie "bro, we fuckin' sitting here, making a project, and we making the heat. Can we fucking use it!" As confirmed with a hilarious Kato impression, Benton managed to seal the deal. 

Kicking things off with an always-welcome Outkast reference, Benton raps "slam Cadillac door diamond glow on these hoes, new fur on my back sweep the floor on these hoes." "Pimp shit," he laughs, proceeding to detail what does and does not constitute as "A1 Top." Should you be interested in seeing the man himself break it down, be sure to catch the video in full. While you're at it, check out Yuck Fou, and always keep that heat for the critters.

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