Jenna Dewan started her career as a dancer before she ventured into the world of acting. Dewan was a professional dancer for Janet Jackson, and has also worked with Missy Elliot, Sean Paul, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Ciara. After she built her resume as a dancer, Dewan starred in Step Up alongside Channing Tatum, who she would marry a few years later. From there she's landed roles in American Horror Story and Supergirl, and the talented actress continues to make power moves. Dewan, who announced a separation from husband Channing Tatum earlier this year, visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, and spoke about a number of topics, including a special gift she received from Janet Jackson.

After explaining to Kimmel that she was personally asked by Jackson to go on tour, Dewan revealed that the legendary singer loved giving out gifts. Kimmel, curious as ever, asked Dewan to explain herself, leading to one of the most interesting Janet stories we've heard in awhile. "On Valentine’s day, mind you, I’m 19 on tour with Janet, I’m baby baby baby naïve, she gives you a box of um … like, vibrators," explains Dewan. "A pleasure chest. We all got it, all the dancers. But still, I was like, What is this? I was mind blown.” Check out the interview below.