Jaden Smith and New Balance have been excitedly releasing new colorways of their brand new collaboration, the New Balance Vision Racer. The shoe features that chunky dad shoe aesthetic that has become so popular over the years, all while delivering a design that contains sustainable materials that are great for the environment. While the shoe has proven to be popular so far, it seems as though New Balance is now being sued over the design.

In a report from The Fashion Law, it was revealed that the Authentic Brands Group LLC took to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, where they filed a lawsuit against New Balance. ABG owns the trademark rights to the "Vision Streetwear" brand which uses "Vision" branding on both its footwear and clothing. The group feels as though this branding was copied on the outsole of the New Balance Vision Racer, which can be found below.

New Balance Vision Racer

Image via New Balance

ABG also feels as though New Balance has taken things a step too far with the Vision Racer, as they believe the inclusion of Vision branding was an intentional ploy to make people think these are somehow connected to the aforementioned Vision Streetwear brand. 

For now, the group is hoping to win $2 million in the lawsuit, while also putting an end to the collaboration as a whole. Simply put, ABG wants New Balance to stop using the Vision name, immediately.

Vision Streetwear

Image via United States District Court

Neither Jaden Smith nor New Balance has commented on the lawsuit, so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.