All the confusion surrounding Jaden Smith's relationship status is getting to be a nuisance. Is he dating Tyler, The Creator? Is he not? Who knows at this point. Over the weekend, he seemed to confirm that the two were still going strong but were they ever together to begin with? Now, he's been spotted out with a mystery woman in Los Angeles, muddying the situation even further.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Earlier today, we reported on a paparazzi video that shows Jaden confirming his relationship with Tyler, The Creator again after he initially announced their coupledom on stage at Camp Flog Gnaw. Weeks have passed and the artist is still running with it, meaning that he's either an insanely dedicated troll or they're actually together. Jaden's appearance with a new woman likely points to the former as the two got pretty close in photos snapped this week. 

Jaden has been releasing a few music videos to promote his new album, which many believe he's been hyping up by advertising his relationship with Tyler. At this point, it's confusing to follow Jaden's romantic situation. Is he with Tyler? Probably not. Is he with this mystery lady from the photos? Again, probably not. Jaden actually commented on the photo below saying that his real girlfriend lives in Paris... What are your thoughts?