If there's ever been a timeless hip-hop talking point, it's the ranking of emcees. Long have artists discussed their formative influences, often diluting things down to a list of either five or ten. While some have grown skeptical about the ranking process altogether, others view it as an effective means of growing closer to their favorite artists; what better way to forge a connection than to find common ground? In any case, XXL FreshmanJack Harlow recently proved himself to be a student of the game, unveiling his top five favorite rappers during an Instagram Q&A. 

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In what appears to be no particular order, Harlow named Jay-Z, Drake, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, and a split decision between Kanye West and Eminem. Many unsurprising names to be found, with each of the listed artists being widely respected as lyrical elites. Even Kanye and Drizzy, who have both faced a number of ghostwriting accusations, have proven themselves to be nice with the bars time and again. Of course, both Jay-Z and Eminem have been widely considered to be the greatest rappers alive, so it's no surprise to see them there. Lil Wayne's own campaign to crown himself "best rapper alive" earned him no shortage of respect, while Andre 3000 stands tall as one of rap's most accomplished writers. 

If anything, it proves that Harlow is a man of distinguished tastes. Based on his top five favorites, it's no wonder he tends to favor a more lyrically-focused style of rapping. Check out his list below, and sound off -- do you think Harlow will collaborate with another one of his top five rappers when all is said and done?