If you haven't yet put Jack Harlow -- the latest signee to DJ Drama's Generation Now imprint -- on your radar, now is the time. With his recent single "What's Poppin" continuing to gain steady momentum ahead of this Friday's big album release, Harlow made sure to hit up two of the game's key freestyle hubs: the studios of Funkmaster Flex and the LA Leakers. 

By now it's no secret that Funkmaster Flex enjoys his bars, more so than the average person enjoys a four-course meal. Yet he remains a harsh critic, one whose facial expressions tell more stories than Scheherazade. As such there's always an underlying tension whenever a rapper takes to the booth -- can he or she win over Funkmaster Flex with their freestyle prowess? For Jack Harlow, it's light work. "Back in middle school I did my thing in auditoriums, now I fuck it up inside the club until it's 4 AM," he raps, in the zone. "Me I like to kick it with the OGs and historians, reminiscing on the day they found out that Notorious had passed away / G just took me to the island, Cast Away."

Next up is his turn on the LA Leakers, who recently celebrated their 100th freestyle with an apocalyptically badass showing from Royce Da 5'9". Curiously enough, Jack's is labelled as Freestyle #99, which means this one was likely recorded up to three weeks ago. Off the bat, Harlow takes to the instrumental with casual swagger, never once raising his cadence to prove a point. Boasting that he has a "cougar that looks like Sandra Bullock," Harlow keeps the lines coming throughout. "Round table, horses in the stable, shorty in Quebec and she sweet like Maple," he spits. "I be trying to figure out everybody angle."

Check out the LA Leakers drop below, and keep a lookout for Harlow's upcoming album Sweet Action, arriving this Friday the 13th.