Ja Rule is caught up in some legal troubles lately. During the time the rapper was working on his reality television show Follow The Rules, a maid was hired to clean the premises of his home which would later serve as a shooting location. The maintenance worker, Josselyn Berniz, claimed to have fallen on a patch of ice outside of the mansion in that year of 2015. She then filed a lawsuit against Ja Rule and his wife Aisha.  Originally, the maid was granted $75K by a judge as compensation for her injuries from the fall, while Ja Rule never responded to the initial suit. He claims the documents were never served to him, a statement which caused the ruling to be overturned last year. Now, Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, is countersuing Berniz and her husband for fraud and civil conspiracy. The husband played a part in the ordeal as his testimony corroborated his wife's accusations, confirming her incapability to perform her wifely duties since the slip and fall. Berniz had claimed to be "permanently injured" and in "great pain and anguish," as recorded in court documents.

Some of the concerns stipulated in Ja Rules countersuit court documents include how Berniz was able to perform her job after the alleged fall. The countersuit states she had never notified the homeowners, Atkins and his wife, of any injuries and continued to work with no apparent issues. The "Always On Time" performer also claims to have witnessed the woman unloading her vehicle. The court documents add the question of his responsibility in the matter since Berniz was hired by the production company, Endemol USA Holdings, who was responsible for the snow removal on the property as part of their duties in the creation of the show.