In just a few months, Ja Rule's album Twelve will hit the streets, and to celebrate the release of his first studio album since 2012's Pain is Love 2, the rapper is going all out. Recently, Ja commemorated the 20 year anniversary of his debut record Venni Vetti Vecci by giving away autographed copies of every one of his releases, but with his latest announcement, the rapper has raised the bar.

"I will be rereleasing ALL of my albums as visual albums," Ja tweeted. "I will be making a video for every song I’ve ever made... what songs do y’all wanna see videos for???" A fan asked why he wanted to know what songs they wanted videos for if he was going to be making a video for every song anyway. Ja replied, "I wanna see which records are favored."

The New York rapper must be working 'round the clock to get this completed because he has over 100 songs under his belt in his studio records discography, not including what he has in store for Twelve. We'll have to wait and see what gems Ja comes up with, but if you had to choose a few Ja tracks you'd like to see visuals for, which would you pick?