J. Cole has been using his stage time to address a lot of topics, predominantly social issues. At his latest show, he stated his displeasure of the Baltimore Ravens' treatment towards Colin Kaepernick as well as the recent videos of Baltimore police allegedly planting drugs on people.

Cole said that he believed that someone with social status, money and a power should be the ones representing the city of Baltimore and helping it become a better place but the NFL's decision not to sign the football player is an issue much larger than the sport. He gives credit to Kaepernick for being a person of power and status sacrificing it all to be able to stand-up for bigger issues, citing him as the exact person that the city of Baltimore needed.

During the stop in Baltimore, he also asked the crowd if they'd be willing to support the team further, to which the crowd started booing. 

This isn't the first time Cole has expressed his support for the former football player. Just a few days a go, he was seen hanging out with Kaepernick and his girlfriend, Nessa Nitty on her Instagram.

Cole also rocked Kaepernick's jersey during one of his tour dates last year.  

Check out the clip from J. Cole's show below: