On Sunday at 7:30 PM, MTV will air J. Cole's The Warm Up: 5 Years Later, a documentary that looks at J. Cole's mercurial rise to the top, and today they've released some previously-unseen footage of Cole in 2009 saying some pretty bold stuff. The clip, apparently shot on Cole's birthday, shows the young MC cockily inviting Jay Z to hop on his songs, but only "if [he's] not scared." As Jay ended up giving Cole his own Roc-A-Fella chain earlier this year, this news is especially interesting and/or coincidental.

Chatting with Cole before the clip is aired, MTV's Sway compares J. Cole to Superman when he's in the booth, speaking to the rapper's cockiness. The clip airs, and we can hear Cole say: "Jay Z, I've got a few projects I want you on, you know... If you not scared" before alerting his friend that this probably wasn't the best time to film him.

Afterwards, Cole said, “That was a crazy night and just seeing that was wild. I was being reckless.” In all honesty though, this kind of hunger is probably what got Cole his record deal and Roc-A-Fella chain. Watch the clip below.

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