Anybody who has read Stephen King's It is well aware that a proper cinematic adaptation would absolutely have to be rated R. In fact, were one of the novel's climactic scenes to be adapted as written, it would be so shocking that many movie-goers would likely leave the theatre. Fans of the book have come to understand and even accept the infamous scene, but it's fair to say that the average viewer isn't ready for King's more bizarre ideas. Still, Andy Muschetti and his team are happy to push the boundaries to a reasonable degree, and have once again secured themselves a nice shiny R rating for their second go-around.

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Given that actress Jessica Chastain has already teased a scene with a staggering amount of blood, many have already come to expect that It: Chapter 2 would be meant for a mature audience. That, and the fact that Chapter 1 was also rated R, so anything less would feel like a major step back. Still, it's nice to know that it's been made official, according to Hypebeast, who gleefully reveal the aforementioned book scene with a digital shrug. 

Are you looking forward to It: Chapter 2? The film drops on September 6th, so be sure to catch that trailer below.