At 22 songs, Drake’s record-shattering More Life album has seen its fair share of subliminal disses throughout it. On the tracks “Free Smoke” & “Lose You,” Drake appears to take a couple shots at arch rival Meek Mill, and on the outro “Do Not Disturb,” the 6 God aims some bars at his fellow Toronto foe Tory Lanez, but that doesn’t look to be all however.

Thanks to social media & there devotion to breaking down every lyric of Drake’s album, there’s a theory going around online that the 6 God took a shot at former G.O.O.D Music rapper Kid Cudi, who called him out back in September for not being loyal.

On the intro track “Free Smoke,” Drake raps “Please come outside the house and show yourself/So I can say it to your face” which is a reference to Cudi’s tweet last year calling out Drake: “Say it to face, pussy. You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon. Promise.” That tweet in itself was in response to “Two Birds, One Stone,” a Drake song that seemed to respond to Cudi.

Later in the track (“Free Smoke”), Drake also raps, “Y’all keep playing with ya nose, yeah/You get high and the do the most, yeah,” which is another line that people are taking as a shot at Cudi’s drug use. Now of course, this could be just fans over dissecting the lyrics, but then again Drizzy is one the best at subliminal's, so it's probably a little dig at Cudi if you ask me.

Revisit the track for yourself right here, and let us know what you hear? (Below, our some of the reactions from people on twitter.) Should Cudi respond or just keep it moving?