Instagram has been making some strident efforts to ensure that their widely used social media app can appease a wide variety of unique individuals with singular tastes. Back in December, the company allowed users to follow hashtags in order to diversify the content that appears on any given newsfeed. 

Now, Instagram is allowing users to further augment their profiles by including some new, more personalized options. Profiles will now be able to include both hashtags, as well as links to other user accounts in their biographies. For instance, if someone were to simply type a hashtag or "@" while in their bio's editing mode, a live link to leading to a certain page or profile will be revealed. 

This will effectively allow users to connect more with posts and profiles that share similar interests or aesthetic preferences. However, for those individuals whose profiles are added as a hyperlink, they will receive a notification, and will have the option to remove their link from the other person's account. 

However, Instagram users are still hoping for a return to chronological feeds instead of updates like this: