After first gaining a moderate social media following in her pursuit of becoming a top-billed model and/or actress, Karrueche Tran seemed destined to remain in the company of the thousands of other Instagram thots hittin' those angles and hoping to make it big. However, unlike other fitspo models flexing for the 'Gram, Tran's wildcard romantic pairing catapulted her into the mainstream and elevated her profile far more than all of her perfectly-backlit snaps combined. Linking up with Chris Brown in 2010, Tran's high-profile romance in the aftermath of the "Pill & Automobiles" singer's headline-making split with industry mate Rihanna made her a household name and a tabloid staple seemingly overnight. 

Now securing steady work as an actress in productions like the 2013 web series The Bay and the TNT drama series Claws, Tran has earned the autonomy to make her social media feed much less manufactured than it was when she was trying to break into the entertainment/fashion industry. Now, Tran's sexy beach snaps and mirror selfies are offset by a well-documented love of ALL food (no carrot sticks and diet shakes for this model, thank you very much). Speaking to Elle magazine, Tran explained that she is one of the few in the cutthroat modeling industry that doesn't eat to live because she lives to EAT. 

"I get snapped a lot by like paparazzi, and just seeing myself at certain angles made me want to gain weight. I just try to eat as much as possible," Tran revealed. "In the morning I might have fruit or maybe oatmeal at home, or a bagel with coffee. I try to cook as much as possible, but I love to eat out. Summer in L.A., I'll have a salad or sandwich. It depends what I'm in the mood for. If I crave a burger, I'm like, 'straight to In-N-Out.' I've been craving steak lately."

Peep this Insta Gallery to see the all-natural beauty pose with some seriously drool-worthy entrees. 

Room Service 

At 5:00 a.m. most celebs are either sleeping or eating some version of their nutritionist-recommended protein shake - but not Karrueche Tran. Showing the world that it really is the most important meal of the day, Tran chows down on a plate of room service fries while visiting Vegas for a round of club appearances. 

Meat: It's What's For Dinner 

In the club, you'll find Tran bumping to the beat with both a drink and a plate of burgers/hot dogs that she's more than happy to flex for social media.  

Nighttime Snack 

"In bed w a few baes" captioned the model alongside a selfie of herself posing with a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries. 


As seen here, Tran doesn't care if she's getting photographed - she'll go to town on her coconut drink to get every last drop.

Beach Burger 

Nothing says "beach day" like lounging on the sand stuffing your face with greasy bar food (in a bikini, of course).  

Loaded Potato 

No salads for this model. Instead, Tran opts to order her favorite loaded sweet potato while dining at Komodo, a Miami hotspot. 

Cheat Meal 

"My trainer is not gonna be happy about this nor is my stomach #tollandtrains," captioned Tran alongside a snap of an indulgent Jack In The Box fast food meal. 

Food Baby

Unlike other social media personalities, Tran isn't afraid to comment on or post pics of her post-meal "food baby." 

Cooking With Karrueche 

Tran is a certified foodie who knows her way around a kitchen. Looking to share her fave recipe with her followers, Tran linked up with Kylie Jenner to film a how-to video for killer shrimp tacos.  

Treat Yo Self 

"I just want some pasta or a cheese board or Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream 😞😞😞," wrote Tran in the caption of a meme repost about the constant struggle to look right while also enjoying the finer things (which is mostly food, ofc) in life.