Iggy Azalea On Hate, Industry, Twitter & More

Rose Lilah
March 24, 2016 17:12

Iggy Azalea does another interview, this time with Big Boy.

Iggy Azalea became the butt of many a joke since dropping her debut album, it seemed the whole hip-hop world was turning against her, and she didn't exactly help, often fanning the flame with her twitter rants. Recently she's come back into the limelight, as she prepares to promote her sophomore album Digital Distortion.

The first step was an interview where she admitted the real reason she pulled out of "Great Escape" tour. The latest bit of publicity is an in-depth interview out in L.A. for Big Boy. The 54-minute conversation discussed the backlash she received, as well as how she coped (or didn't cope) with it. She also spoke on some of her many beefs, and revealed she's still on good terms with Snoop Dogg as well as T.I.

Watch the new interview above.

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