Hip Hop is a culture that includes many different elements. It ain't just rap like some of the new kids might think. Smoothini AKA Hip Hop Houdini is making sure we acknowledge this mosaic with his own type of flow. The magician has impressed quite a few people with his magic tricks and most recently was able to get a visceral reaction from Iggy Azalea.

His routine started off quite simple. He made a bowl overflow from its contents, which isn't underheard of. Then, in reference to Azalea's "Black Widow" track, he made a huge spider appear. When the rapper saw the inanimate insect, she hardly flinched. She claimed she isn't "scared of animals" because she's from Australia.

Up until then, Iggy seemed to be quite composed and somewhat unimpressed while keeping up a blasé attitude in front of all the theatrics. Then Smoothini asks the "Fancy" artist to reach for the bug. And that's when things got interesting. Watch the video below for the action.

Iggy Azalea has tricks of her own. Her most recent one consisted of balancing a bucket of KFC on her booty and proceeding to twerk. She also has a knack for quenching thirst with bikini photos on the gram. Hip Hop is indeed magical.