Iggy Azalea has been enjoying the summer, surviving by releasing a few singles and showing off her assets any chance she gets. If you follow her on Instagram, you know that the majority of her recent posts are either twerking videos, flattering photos showing off her behind or promo for her new songs. As the release date for Survive The Summer nears, Iggy seems destined to keep her audience's interest piqued and if they're not entirely messing with her music, at least she's getting IG likes. 

Posing next to a jet, the Australian recording artist crouched down, showing off her curves to her millions of followers. In the gallery, Iggy made sure to give the fans yet another twerking video, marking her millionth twerk clip in just a few weeks. Sure, she's only posted about a dozen but it definitely feels like more when it's almost all she's been doing. It has been working for her though as reception has been strong for "Kream" so far. 

Keeping us all confused and somewhat intrigued, Azalea showed off her twerking abilities by bouncing a KFC bucket of fried chicken on her ass in front of the jet, leaving us wondering what on earth even made her think of doing this. She didn't go too far before her friend in the background grabbed the chicken as it was about to fall but the exhibit is still pretty interesting.

Survive The Summer is currently scheduled to release August 3. Are you looking forward to it or can it wait?