Hip-hop was once again up in arms thanks to an Iggy Azalea quote this past week. During an interview with GQ, Iggy Azalea was so bold as to say she "sparked a change and inspired some leniency in what people accept in hip-hop." Hmm...

The remarks soon had the haters coming at Iggy on twitter, as well as memes. When HipHopWired asked their twitter followers to send a photo of their face when they heard Iggy say she "sparked a change," Hot 97's Ebro got in on the fun, sending a photo of a baby who was not pleased/half asleep. Iggy Azalea caught wind of Ebro's tweet, and quickly responded to him.

She elaborated on what she meant by "sparked a change" saying, "I'm talking about changing who we accept having a voice in hip hop. As the only white, Australian,woman with a 1#." Then she added, "you can meme all you want but I have change many ppls opinions about allowing different voices to be heard." And, "u guys are the BIGGEST haters you try to exaggerate everything I say to make it seem like I have a god-like complex."

See the tweets below.