Iggy Azalea ain't having it with people claiming she's dating, more specifically just sleeping with, the New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.

Yesterday US Weekly posted that the rapper and football player started dating after they met at a party in May. The publication alleges that they hit things off and were taking things really slow, despite Iggy telling TMZ "I literally don’t even know Odell Beckham, I don’t. He was at my friend’s party and we took a picture with a bunch of people and that’s it. I don’t know him. I’ve not even had a conversation with him.”

Publications still went wild with the story saying they are together, with sources backing up the claim. Just today, Iggy has taken to Instagram to deflate the lies letting all of her 10.8 million followers know that she is not with, or was with, Odell. 

In a post that shows a screenshot of a note, she writes, "Stop trying to make me and Odell a thing. We weren't dating back in May & we aren't dating now!"

It seems like all these rumours are playing a negative role in Iggy's private life, seemingly affecting a relationship she may already be in. 

"I try my best to stay quiet and not let the things I see written throw me off; but today this shit is taking a toll on my REAL, PRIVATE, LIFE and the people in it I care about in a way that's got me losing sleep."

She ends her statement with, "Keep my name out of your fan fiction, Soap opera, bored housewives bullshit - Please! That shit you say for fun really effects peoples real relationships." 

Odell doesn't seem to care about what anyone's saying about his personal life. His focus is clearly on getting better after his injury saying "I always find a way." Overall, Iggy has spoken for both of them.