He plays a detective on television and now Ice-T is hoping to put his skills to the test in real life. The "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" actor is one of many celebrities who have lent their voices to fight injustice, including a 1980 murder case where a man named Leroy Evans was found to be responsible. However, the rapper believes that the wrong man is behind bars.

Emily Leo was known as the friendly Chester, Pennsylvania neighborhood "Avon Lady," but in 1980 she was found beaten to death. Another man who was charged with the murder implicated Evans in the crime claiming that they were accomplices. However, Evans has always maintained his innocence and in the years following their convictions, the man recanted his story that Evans was involved. Investigators haven't taken the new story into consideration and Evans has sat behind bars for 39 years.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Evans' legal team is petitioning the court, asking for a DNA test to prove that the inmate was not involved in the crime. Famous figures have rallied around Evans including Ice-T who created a video pleading with authorities. According to The BlastIce-T said, “Come on DA, you know I’m not a real cop and I just play one on TV, but I think this man, after 39 years in prison, whatever the crime may be, deserves at least to get that DNA test so he can clear himself.”

Then the rapper-actor spoke to Evans directly. "Leroy, you’re in there for 39, man, I can’t even imagine it," he said. "Alright? Good luck with this fight man, that’s all I can say.” Delaware County D.A. candidate Jack Stollsteimer told YC Daily, “After reviewing the evidence in this case I called on District Attorney Katayoun Copeland to agree to the defense request for DNA testing.” He added, “I’m proud to stand with SVU Detective Tutuola as he joins Leroy Evans in his fight for justice.”