Burning Man 2020 is officially canceled for the coronavirus pandemic, but hundreds of burners still showed up in Black Rock Desert this week for an unofficial event.

Burning Man, Coronavirus, COVID-19Harry How / Getty Images

"We were worried at first coming out here," Mike Fowler, from California, tells NBC4. "We heard the Bureau of Land Management may block people from getting out here, but that wasn't the case.

"It's a socially distant 'burn' this year and everybody is really spread out across the desert," Fowler continues.

All reports suggest that the group is doing its best to follow social distancing guidelines.

"We knew people were going to come out here either way because of that spiritual connection to the area," says 'Bureaucracy', the event organizer. "People made the decision to come here during a global pandemic. So we decided to keep people's camps 200 feet away from one another and to advise wearing masks when meeting others. If people feel safe, then they should make others feel safe."

The official Burning Man is being held digitally for 2020 from Monday, August 31 until Sunday, September 6. "Co-create your adventure in the eight Recognized Universes of the Burning Man Multiverse! All you need is a computer or smartphone and a curious mind," the event's website reads.