Hulu has announced that they will be dropping the price of the cheapest and most popular subscription tier from $7.99 to $5.99. This is a clear effort to compete with Netflix (and make them look bad) after Netflix recently announced that their prices will be going up, owing to the high cost of making original content. The most popular Hulu subscription is now half the price of the most popular Netflix one.

This news comes just days after Hulu made a similar move with original content, releasing a documentary on the Fyre Island music festival fiasco right after Netflix did. Although it may be a coincidence, the people at Hulu seem like they've got a nice, scrappy sense of humour about their competition. 

Hulu is also increasing the price of another membership tier. Their option that comes with live TV is getting five dollars more expensive and will cost $44.99. However, this could all change once Disney completes it's buyout of Hulu. At that point it will own 60 percent of the service and may do with it pretty much what they want, perhaps including swallowing it up into the upcoming Disney+ streaming service that is coming sometime this year. Disney is one of the only companies of this kind that will be able to compete with Netflix.