Netflix has been pumping out all kinds of original content since they announced last year that 2018 will present 1,000 movies and series to the streaming service. Hosting already loved content such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Chefs Table, and Narcos while recently introducing new and loved ones such as Friends From College, You, Black Box, and Titans, means subscribers have to pay a little more. 

CNBC reports that Netflix is hiking its prices once again with Basic Plans going to $9 from $8, HD Standard plan (the most popular) going to $13 from $11 and its 4K premium plan going to $16 from $14. The rise in monthly costs is the biggest spike since Netflix started 12 years ago. New customers will be subject to the cost immediately, while customers who have had an account for a while will see the price increase within the next three months. 

According to the publication, Netflix reported a domestic subscriber growth of 10.7 percent totaling 58 billion American subscribers, with more than 78 subscribers out of the United States. 

Check out the newly released trailer for an upcoming program titled Black Earth Rising.

"From London, to Paris to Rwanda, Black Earth Rising is a deeply personal journey about one woman’s persistent exploration to uncover her hidden past, at whatever the cost," the description reads.