Kevin Spacey's career saw a rebirth with Netflix's first original show, House of Cards. Just a few years later, Spacey's past caught up with him when several victims in America, and in Europe, accused him of sexual assault. Netflix cut ties with the actor, but had no plans of canceling their hit series. Poised for one final season, House of Cards will continue the story of the Underwoods without Spacey. 

Many fans speculated that Frank Underwood would be killed off. The speculation was well founded, since the character was killed off in the books and in the BBC original series that was aired in the 90's. Netflix will follow the same plan, as their latest trailer highlights a moment between Claire Underwood and Frank. 

Claire speaks to her husband, who appears to be off-screen, for a moment.  “I’ll tell you this Francis," she beings while menacing music looms behind her. "When they bury me, it won’t be in my backyard, And when they pay their respects [Claire looks into the camera], they’ll have to wait in line.” The camera that pans to a shot of Frank Underwood's tombstone, labeled "1959-2017."

The final season of House of Cards touches down on Netflix November 6.