In a recent interview with Hardknock TV, Hopsin spoke on something many of his fans (and non-fans alike) noticed about the Funk Volume rapper: he sounds like Eminem. Comments abound on the internet calling him the "Black Eminem," so now we get to hear Hopsin's take on it. He discusses Eminem's influence, and calls him his favorite rapper.

Hopsin says of the similarity in their sounds, "I'm just a rapper. Every artist I feel was influenced by someone else. Nobody just woke up and had the idea of rap in their head and didn't see it somewhere else, we saw it somewhere. All my favorite rappers, they saw it somewhere," he continued, "I saw Eminem doing it, I saw rappers like Crooked I doing it, I saw a lot of people. But Eminem, he was the one I wanted to be like when I heard this music, I'm like, 'man, this dude, I relate to him a lot.' He was my role model. That was the rapper that stood out more than any other rapper in the rap game. I didn't even like rap that much until he came in the scene," Hopsin said.

Hopsin's most recent video "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" was more thought-provoking and took on more serious subject matter than his past videos for his "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series. He spoke on what made him decide to spit in a more serious vein, and he credits conversations with God for pushing him in that direction, rather than the comedic-route.

Watch the full interview below.