Reader favorites Hopsin & Dizzy Wright may be a few weeks late to make our list of the best Tim Westwood freestyles, but you better believe they both brought their A-game in the booth. Dizzy goes in over Beanie Sigel's "Feel It In The Air" instrumental, while Hopsin takes on A$AP Ferg's "Shabba," below.

On top of the new bars, Hopsin also took some time for a brief interview about his upcoming music, religion (or his lack thereof), stage diving, and a whole lot more. 

As far as religion is concerned, Hop confirms, despite YouTube commenters believing he's just going through a phase, that he is completely finished with following an organized faith. Westwood, at this point, elaborates that there's a difference between religion and faith, asking Hopsin if his faith is also a thing of the past. "I do believe in some type of creator," Hopsin returned, "I just don't really know what it is... You just can't trust humans."