Back when the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault cases were just surfacing and a number of women came forward accusing the movie mogul of inappropriate conduct, it forced Terry Crews to publicly speak up saying the allegations were giving him PTSD.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor said all the women who spoke out reminded him of a time where that "kind of thing happened" to him. In a number of Twitter statements, Terry detailed when a "Hollywood executive" came up to him and groped his private parts. He said his wife saw the whole thing, but instead of "kicking his ass" he stepped back. The next day the perpetrator called to apologize, but never explained why he did it. 

"I decided not 2 take it further becuz I didn’t want 2b ostracized— par 4 the course when the predator has power n influence," he tweeted. He added:

Just recently, the man who went as a 'John Doe' in Terry's disturbing story has now just been identified. Variety reports that the suspect in the case is William Morris Endeavor Entertainment's Adam Venit. The publication says Terry has been preparing to cite Adam as the unnamed executive, considering he is a client of the entertainment company. 

Adam is on a leave of absence as WME investigates the allegations further. 

These past few weeks in Hollywood have outed a number of sexual harassment claims against some of the industry's biggest names. A few on the list are Dustin Hoffman from Meet The Fockers, screenwriter James Toback, House Of Cards actor Kevin Spacey and film producer Brett Ratner. All of these cases are still underway as women gain more and more courage to step forward.