Hit Skrewface - Thot Feat. Freddie Gibbs

  February 19, 2014 16:03
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ESGN artist Hit Skrewface teams up with Freddie Gibbs for "Thot"

"Thot" is officially taking the world by storm. The Chicago-based acronym for "That Hoe Over There" or "That Hoe Out There" (depending on who you ask, or perhaps your relative distance to said 'hoe' at that particular time) was popularized by Chief Keef and other participants of the Drill and Bop movements in the city.

The word seemed to be pretty contained within the scene, but recently we've seen outsiders throwing the term around. "THOT" by the Game was released last week, which further convoluted the meaning, stating it stood for "Thirsty Hoes Out There". 

Gary, Indiana's Hit Screwface is the most recent artist to run with Thot, and he's brought his ESGN boss, Freddie Gibbs along for the ride. The track features a hard-hitting beat and infectious refrain, utilizing the undeniable catchiness of the absurd slang. 

Who'll be the next rapper to make a song called "Thot"? Will it be the new molly? 

Quotable lyrics:

So when it comes to the bitches man
Either fuckin' or you not
Straight sex and shit
And no extra shit
Yo, what's your name bitch?
I forgot
All I got is pennies for my thots
- Gibbs

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