Jay Z made a song dedicated to Tom Ford last year, one of Harlem's hottest rappers wears strictly skinny jeans (A$AP Rocky), and one of the industry's most talked about rappers (Kanye West) is addicted to high-fashion. A little over a decade ago, the genre's finest openly wore baggy clothing, throwback jerseys, and du-rags. It's an understatement to say hip-hop's fashion sense has changed a bit.

We're closing in on four decades of hip-hop, so the culture has been through multiple fashion trends. Many have encapsulated a moment in culture, like the Native Tongues movement and Run DMC's adidas. Of course, as the genre grew, it's become a leader in fashion — whether it came to footwear or brands. You know you've come a long way when you're gracing the covers of GQ after coming up from the streets of South Bronx.

Fashion has become part of some of the greatest rappers' legacy, too, including The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, and Kanye West. Check out a few of the biggest examples on the Hip-Hop's Fashion Evolution gallery.