While the hip-hop community still mourns the loss of Prodigy, former Mobb Deep partner Havoc has spoken on his friend's passing. TMZ has shared an interview with Havoc, in which the rapper/producer recounts his reaction to hearing what he thought was "a weird rumor." Havoc appears rather shocked, and explains how his initial reaction was one of denial, seeing as he had been a close eye on Prodigy, who seemed to be getting better.

Havoc tells the story of how he reached out to Mobb Deep's road manager to ease his mind, only to have the tragic truth confirmed. "I'm still just fucked up," says Havoc. "I can't even listen to Shook Ones or any song. I hardly can look at the pictures, because I...I don't know how...People that lost somebody, they know what I'm talking about."

Havoc briefly reflects on the legacy of their friendship, stating "I met him when I was fifteen. I'm forty three right now, so, you know...I still can't believe it. I just can't."

Keep your head up, Havoc. We thank you for the memories.