People in attendance were first to report an incident involving stand up comedian Hannibal Buress at Loyola University. The college was celebrating a historic week in which their basketball team had qualified for the 'Sweet Sixteen' of the March Madness Tournament. The Loyola Ramblers escaped with a one-point victory over the Tennessee Volunteers yesterday. The plan was to kick off their historic run with an invited guest. Enter Chicago native Hannibal Burress whose comedy routine was expected to help boost campus spirit. Unfortunately things took a nasty turn when Hannibal decided to break taboo on issues dear to the Jesuit Catholic University.

Before his performance, Hannibal was briefed on what he could and could not say by University representatives. This memo seemed to provoke the comedian as he felt suppressed by their wishes, influencing his decision to make cutting remarks about Pedophilia, a topic close to the heart. Within five minutes, Hannibal's mic was cut and he was forced off stage. Fifteen minutes later, student outrage forced University officials to readmit Hannibal on stage, but at that point the damage had been done, sentiment had been lost. Something tells me Loyola University should have done their due diligence before calling on Hannibal. Seems like an odd fit no matter how you look at it. From Hannibal's perspective, a gigs a gig right?

[via complex]