Halsey has become one of the most popular artists in the world over the course of the last twelve months, collaborating with a number of other high-profile stars. The short-haired beauty has one of the most original voices in the game and she crosses genres with it, staying in her pop lane but stepping ever-so-slightly into hip hop territory through her collaborations with Juice WRLD, G-Eazy, and others. She's also playing a part in keeping the Billboard charts consistent, showing love to fellow hitmaker Lil Nas X by twerking to his smash song and becoming a cowgirl for the night.

The star was jamming to the number one song in the world while she prepped for a party on Wednesday night and she decided to share the moment on her socials. She was invited to a cowboy-themed party and luckily for her, she didn't even need to head to the store to cop a costume. "When someone says 'cowboy themed birthday party' and you already own the chaps," wrote Halsey on Twitter, tagging Lil Nas X in the post. She proceeded to shake her booty in a pair of assless chaps, taking off her cowboy hat from time to time.

With so many remixes being teased for "Old Town Road" and a video on the way, could this serve as Halsey's audition to be included in the clip? Does she make the cut?